I used to get this service a few years ago. At the time, I had no problem with them other than they were rather pricey, but it saved me a trip to the store.

So here we are a few years later and saving those trips to the store is more important due to time and physical issues, so I was going to start the service again for a few dairy items. Mind you, I still live in the same complex that I did the last time I got service, same zip code. Only the apt changed because we had a serious flood in the other one. So I call them and get told I need to be "approved" to restart service.

Really. Never heard back from them. So I let several weeks go and called again. And the person saw that I had requested service and apologized and assured me they would get back to me again.

Heard nothing. They didn't even have the decency to tell me I am no longer "good enough" to provide service to. I presume they have decided to cater to a very "elite" client because I certainly live in one of the nicer areas of town and I am apparently just not high class enough to meet their arrogance qualifications. As people age and as they get more busy, they are going to be looking for more of these types of services and there are going to be more providers of this type of service.

And hopefully when that happens, the arrogance and elitism will put these people out of business. Schwans provides delivery service, though of some different types of items, but the delivery person was fabulous and willing to work within MY time frame. And Bountiful Baskets provides fresh produce for a fraction of the cost of Winder Farms. And while you do have to go pick it up, you can order only when you want it, it takes only a few minutes and it's very inexpensive, local, in season produce.

And the of course there is Vons, which I don't personally use. So there are some alternatives already and I would suggest rather than dealing with a company who could care less about customers who aren't "high end" enough, you give the alternatives a try.

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