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Winder Farms has delicious products that are not worth the hassle and frustration of dealing with them. Three years ago, I signed up for an ongoing delivery and quickly realized the timing was never right.

Trying to avoid the cancellation fee, I made sure to put in 40 orders before cancelling. Thinking I had cancelled correctly, I continued to buy Winder milk from the grocery store and have probably spent hundreds of dollars on their products in the last two years. Low and behold, they DID charge me the cancellation fee, never communicated it to me, and now I have a collections agency after me for the $40 + interest for two years.

I'm not even saying I'm right. It was so many years ago, maybe I miscounted my orders.

But why not call and explain it to me? I would have ordered one more. And why wait years to follow up with a collections agency? Why not leave me messages or emails explaining the issue?

I'm so disgusted with how it was handled. Not only are you going to lose all the money I have been spending on your products, you've earned yourself a very vocal dissatisfied customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Winder Farms Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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