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I am not going to get into my personal details, but here are some words of caution that were learned the hard way.

*Don't trust their door-to-door sales reps. They conveniently leave out the dirty details such as cancellation fees, promotions they sign you up for that will end leaving product costs outrageously high, and upsell the quaility of products.

*There isn't a benefit to their service. You can get all your groceries through them so you aren't saving a trip to the store. And, this is the big one, you can buy their staple dairy products at the grocery store for less than they sell them. WHAT?!?! Yeah, it's true. When I cancelled with them a dozen eggs were $4.50. Insane.

*Laslty, the quality here is lacking for the price you are paying. Produce is so ripe that you have a day or two to ise it before it's over. My milk was usually within a week of the exp. date and my bread only ever lasted a week.

Plain and simple you'll save money, time, and get a higher quality product if you don't use them. So why would you?

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Flushing, Michigan, United States #1218765

They sure did lie.The woman sales rep told me I could cancel after I had ordered 10 times.The food is over priced and I can't afford it, plus I live close to 3 stores so I don't need it.We live on a fixed income and need to cancel this, but now they're telling me I was signed up for 40 deliveries and I'd have to pay $50.00 to cancel.I think they should let me cancel because their rep. misrepresented this service.

Terrible customer service. I will tell everyone I know not to get this service.


Junk, they are pathetic & they are meant to lie... How do I know?

I unfortunately worked for them which was the lowest point of my life.

The sales manager in SLC is a joke & protected by the religion of UT... The "event coordinator" is a POS & so is everyone else as well as the guy that drives the POS Xhev truck they bought for him to drive & he tells everyone it is his..


Yep, they suck! My favorite part is the "I can waive your setup fee"

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